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Our Feedback

Can't recommend Will and Star swimming highly enough. My sons Matteo and Jacob have such fun in their lessons and can't wait to go each week.
In the words of Jacob:
"I like it when Will throws rings into the pool and I love it when he says how tall are you now and then he trips me up. It's such fun!"
and Matteo:
"I love playing fish and shark because Will adds an extra character and that's what makes it more interesting. I love when we do butterfly because that's a hard strong and I'm learning how to do it"
Great lessons combining a life skill with fun - what more can you ask for!
Date of Posting: 23 June 2014
Posted By: Camille Heaney
Can't recommend Will and his team enough.Our 2 boys ( EJ 5yrs + Joseph 3yrs) started with Will as a 1 to 2 session and have now progressed to a group session at Rowan Park.

It's clearly visible from watching their lessons that their confidence and swimming ability has come on in leaps and bounds.

Will is a great teacher ( sure he's still a child at heart ) and brings fun to all his lessons....or in the words of EJ + Joseph " Will's a big banana !!!!!
Date of Posting: 13 May 2014
Posted By: Eric Atherton
Rowan Park
Isla (3) has recently started classes with Will at Bates Dairy. This is a fantastic venue for beginners, or those children who are quite nervous. Week two we had lots of tears and to be honest I was thinking I was going to have to leave swimming lessons for a while, however, today was week four and as Isla was getting dressed she asked, "can we come again?" Will has been brilliant, so patient and enteraining! I would really recommend the one to one sessions at Bates Dairy, the rate of progress has been incredible. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 13 October 2013
Posted By: Caroline Kingsley
Bates Dairy - Southport

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