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Our Feedback

Great website guys. Just another example of your professionalism. My daughter Neve has been coming to both your fun swim sessions and swimming lessons for several months now and these have been a godsend for Neve and us a family.

I have nothing but praise for the Star Swimming Academy who put these sessions on. Neve is a very bubbly and sometimes cheeky little girl but also lacks confidence. Will, Tracy, Phil, Rachael, Kerrie, Michael to name a few have helped boost this greatly, this is because they treat her like any other child, even when Neve oversteps the boundaries they deal with it correctly and put Neve right without mentioning or making excuses for her disability.

I also feel confident that Neve is in very safe hands even with her unawareness to danger, so much so i have recently dropped Neve off and arrived back when the session had finished. That is something myself or Neve's mum has never done before with any other service provider this also gave us some respite whilst increasing Neve's confidence further.

Keep up the great work guys. The service you provide to our children in the local community is unique and very rare and the sessions you facilitate are what they are meant to be. "FUN"

John - Kirkby
Date of Posting: 21 October 2011
Posted By: John - Neve's Dad
Our daughter Aimee was having group lessons at scotchbarn which she and ourselves were not happy with. During these lessons we spotted or should I say heard Will taking children on a 1 to 1 basis. We watched how great Will was with the children and how much they seemed to enjoy it. We booked a series of lessons with Will and Aimee has never looked back. She is an extremely competent swimmer now and loves her sessions with Will. He has mastered the art of teaching children how to swim and his teaching methods are superb i.e hands on,fun, friendly, encouraging but most of all effective. The staff who have stood in for Will on occasions are also of equal quality to Will. Our daughter has thrived under these lessons and we would highly recommend anybody wanting to teach their children to swim to send their children to Will and his team at Star Swim.Thanks to Will and his team
Date of Posting: 12 October 2011
Posted By: Shaun Nolan
my daughter was terrified of the big pool wen she 1st got in it, will carried her around until she felt safe an thn slowly but surely bit by bit he got her confidence up in the pool, am delighted 2 say after lessons wiv will n phil she is now like a little mermaid, shes swimmn gr8 an has all the confidence she needs an she lvs the water, so thank u will n co 4 makin me n my daughter feel safer xxxlove lynn xx
Date of Posting: 11 October 2011
Posted By: lynn n milli prescott

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